Welcome to Sendwich Logistic Systems – your partner for comprehensive fulfillment services.

Sendwich is not just another fulfillment company, Sendwich is a product of the world wide operating logistics company CCS-Express, based on more than 30 years of experience in the field. CCS-Express is a courier, freight forwarding and logistics service expert for the high-tech industry with a portfolio that includes air freight, sea freight, warehousing and customs clearance.

Our extended global network of partners, the expertise in customs clearance and certification, as well as the substantial knowledge in tax calculations, enables us to offer you excellent one stop shopping solutions – an unparalleled service in the fulfillment market.


Benefiting from this wealth of experience and expertise, Sendwich Logistic Systems is especially aimed at giving businesses and startups a top-notch eCommerce fulfillment service. We are absolutely apt to manage the logistics and shipping of any inventory – no matter how small, big or bulky your goods may be. You just focus on the growth of your sales, and we’ll grow with you.


“Working on a variety of projects as a Business Development Manager for CCS-Express I recognized the need to plunge into the eCommerce sector as I believe it has a lot of potential. Our existing company network already offers the complex infrastructure and widely ramified network to cover common and special individual requests. I’m sure there are a great number of possibilities and advantages that we will be able to offer our customers now and in the future.”

Founder, Maxi Ebert

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