Do I have to pay VAT for my kickstarter sales?

Yes, kickstarter sales used to be a grey zone in the European tax law. In fact, the law now states that pledges on crowdfunding platforms are treated as normal sales transactions and are subject to VAT.

Will I get tracking numbers for each shipment?

All shipments are traceable, either we send the tracking data to you, your customers or via system integration directly to your system or all at once. All shipment data is always available io our customer portal.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, there is a standard insurance that comes with most of our shipping services, additional coverage can be purchased if needed upon request. Warehouse storage needs to be discussed for each project.

How are my parcels shipped?

Sendwich is very flexible and so we have integrations with all major carriers, whether high class courier service or postal options.

How does Sendwich Logistics operate?

Sendwich has warehouse hubs all over the world and is capable of handling your order fulfillment from the closest hub to your customers.

Do I have to deliver my products to a Sendwich fulfillment warehouse?

No, not necessarily. With our freight department, we are able to pick up your product right at your supplier/manufacturer whether it be by air, sea, on road or rail.

Who takes care of the customs clearance?

With years of experience, all certificates and trained staff, we are able to offer any type of customs clearance.

Who pays duties and taxes in the country of destination?

If shipments are going outside of the EU or any other country, and our local hub clearance hasn’t been effectuated yet, duties and taxes might be applicable. We can offer DDP as well as DAP shipping methods. That means it is up to your preference.

Can you arrange packing materials?

We will make sure that each of your products is packed properly. We are also able to design shipping boxes using your layout and design.

Can I import on the manufacturer value?

If you have a German VAT registration you can import goods declared with the manufacturer value.

Where are your fulfillment centers?

We operate warehouses in Germany, the United States, Canada, China and Australia and are able to offer further locations if needed.

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