Many companies underestimate the tasks which are involved to realize their product and sell it on the market. Over the last years we realized that many companies just didn’t pay much attention to shipping and logistics. How would they? Mostly online shops charge you just a few dollars for shipping or even offer free shipping. This may look like this part of the business is not really a big deal. Actually this is not quite the truth, many companies underestimate this and experience big surprises when it comes to logistics costs.

We want you to be aware of all involved costs and actions that are needed to get your product from your manufacturer to your customers door.

  • Think of all parties who are involved
  • Make sure to know all costs or at least good estimates before you start your campaign
  • Be informed about local taxes and duties, that may be applicable
  • Make sure your product is not restricted for shipping
  • Be aware of VAT rules in Europe
  • Make sure your product has all needed certificates and licenses
  • Think of who you would like to overtake shipping charges and customs and duties. You or your backer?
  • Calculate shipping and VAT costs already within your product price to avoid subsequent surprises
  • Make sure to pick a logistics partner, who has the knowledge and capabilities for and end to end solution
  • Think of the future and make plannings how business should move forward after the campaign was successfully funded and be prepared for it
  • Realize what your markets will be. Does it make sense and do I have the volume to fulfill from more than one location in the world

Sendwich Logistics is an end to end solution with capabilities to handle all your global fulfillment needs and is able to offer your all the consulting out of one hand to make your campaign a successfull campaign.

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