Open Wear

Open Wear is a new swiss based company, making ski jackets to ride powder. Their goal is to make the best products affordable and be fully transparent and environment friendly.

For Open Wear we arranged the whole logistics. It all started by picking up the raw garments at Sympatex in Munich. We shipped a pallet to their Manufacturer in Vietnam and also arranged the pickup and transportation…


Martijn Jegerings, Founder

We got in contact with Sendwich Logistics already during our Kickstarter campaign and they have been of great help ever since. It’s great that they can offer the services you’d expect a big paying customer to get, even when you are just a project trying to get your Kickstarter goal. Their expertise really helped us avoid many beginner mistakes and deliver out products very professionally to our customers. From VAT/Tax advice, to handling, packaging and coordinating the return process. All was included and customised to our specific needs. Sendwich offers the opportunity to start small, but at the same time allows you to scale to a worldwide e-commerce company. So a definite recommendation.



One of our first customers was Vanhawks, a young, up-and-coming company for premium bikes. Combining sophisticated craftwork with new technologies they invented some sort of smart bikes with an integrated navigation system. After successfully launching their Kickstarter campaign, as orders came in from all around the world…


Sohaib Zahid, Co-Founder

“Sendwich Logistics has been a great shipping and logistics partner. It was tremendously easy to work with Sendwich. They are always helpful and have been very flexible with our needs. They helped us setup the payment system for VAT collection. We have a global customer base, and Sendwich set up shipping out of several locations in Asia to the extent of arranging transport for pickup from our manufacturing facility. Despite being only a shipping partner they helped us with warranty returns in EU, and went out of their way with warranty exchanges by dis-assembling the parts, and performing firmware updates before the new replacement was shipped to the customer. We are very happy with Sendwich Logistics and wouldn’t work with any other service.”


Petersen Games

Probably best known by his game Cthulhu Wars, the famous game designer Sandy Petersen has developed his own board game company by the name of Petersen Games.


For Petersen Games we conducted global Kickstarter fulfillment for several campaigns. We take care of any kind of shipping, starting with imports from Asia to our distribution hubs in Los Angeles…


Arthur Petersen, Project & Logistics Director

“CCS has always been an efficient and helpful logistics solution for us. They have helped us plan and execute very complex fulfillment projects that others could not handle.“


Underground Games

Underground Games is a game company based in Calgary, Canada. Its first brainchild, the strategic board game called “Allegiance: A Realm Divided”, was a successful Kickstarter campaign and was shipped first in February 2016.

Relying on our expertise in global Kickstarter fulfillment…


Paul MacKinnon, Founder

“Underground Games used Sendwich’s services to handle all of the shipping and global logistics for our Kickstarter project, delivering our board game “Allegiance“ to backers worldwide. The process went very smoothly, and our backers received their games in a timely manner and in good condition. Sendwich saved us a lot of time, effort, and money, as they were able to take care of all the complications that come along with shipping to many different countries around the world. We highly recommend them, and would use their services again!“



Similar to 3D for visual recording and watching, the company Binauric offers a 3D sound experience, the so-called binaural experience. So far their portfolio features one product: The Boom Boom – a wireless smart speaker which allows you true audio impressions. For this classic eCommerce business Sendwich acts as a traditional order fulfillment company for orders that are placed through the online shop.


Detlef Wiese, Founder

„Sendwich Logistics is our number one solution to handle our warehouse and order fulfillment business on a daily base. They are very flexible when it comes to implementing new processes and are always able to find a tailor-made solution for any problem.“


JAM Trend

JAM Trend is a company that is focusing on urban mobility. With their first products, the Balance Board, also known as Hoverboard, and the City Scooters, JAM Trend offers new means of transportation which are environmental friendly and affordable. Being a B2B JAM Trend sells its products to large retail stores such as Saturn, Media Markt, Intersport, Euronics…


Marco Mondelli – Founder and CEO JAM TREND

„Sendwich Logistics was recommended to us by our supplier in China. As we started JAM TREND beginning of last year from scratch, we needed not only a distribution solution but also a warehouse management system to handle our supplier orders and stocks, an order processing and accounting software to create our customer orders with all the necessary paperwork, like invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, RMA and much more.
Sendwich Logistics not only provided all these systems to us at a reasonable cost but also set it up within a short period of time and proved to be able to adjust the systems to our specific needs within a few days only. Their expertise and IT capabilities really helped us to concentrate completely on our core business, selling our products to the market. For companies like ours, Sendwich Logistics offers the perfect one-stop-shopping-solution. We are very happy with their service and their dedication to help making our business successful.“

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