Open Wear is a new swiss based company, making ski jackets to ride powder. Their goal is to make the best products affordable and be fully transparent and environment friendly.


ccs-express-openwear-6For Open Wear we arranged the whole logistics. It all started by picking up the raw garments at Sympatex in Munich. We shipped a pallet to their Manufacturer in Vietnam and also arranged the pickup and transportation from Vietnam back to our Munich warehouse by air, as we were under time pressure to deliver the jackets to the backers before the powder season started and so we did. In the meantime we were working on designing shipping boxes and the kind of packaging that made the customer happy.


After checking each jacket and doing a quality control, shipping could start. As each customer received a unique and serialized jacket it was quite a challenge to make the work as efficient as possible. Thanks to our efficient IT department we were able to implement a programm that could assign each backers address to the bar code label on each address. Basically with one scan the whole shipment was created and labels were issued. Setting up a simple solution for swiss backers to get the products to them fast and customs cleared made all customers happy at the end.

We are now working on a full online shop implementation and an advanced RMA process as well as a tax set up in the EU for Open Wear, to still have their customers happily shredding powder snow in the future.

Call us at +49 811 5500 144 or Email us at

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