Probably best known by his game Cthulhu Wars, the famous game designer Sandy Petersen has developed his own board game company by the name of Petersen Games.


For Petersen Games we conducted global Kickstarter fulfillment for several campaigns. We take care of any kind of shipping, starting with imports from Asia to our distribution hubs in Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, Munich, Xiamen and Melbourne. We are also in charge of organizing the transport to gaming fairs like Gencon in Indianapolis or the game fair in Essen, Germany.


Furthermore, we have implemented API connections between their online shop platform and our WMS system to fulfill orders globally on a daily basis. These are mostly several SKUs per order, which require extensive picking and packing. Often it’s almost 40 parts per order.


Each customer receives a tracking email with the shipping details as well as a delivery note once the products leave the warehouse. Due to our IT system, we can offer safe picking and packing. Each warehouse employee has a cart and a tablet which shows him the packing list, each item listed on the pick list is picked accordingly. With that process we also provide a pick verification and make sure that the right goods get to the right customer. The next campaigns are in the planning, and are soon being produced.

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