One of our first customers was Vanhawks, a young, up-and-coming company for premium bikes. Combining sophisticated craftwork with new technologies they invented some sort of smart bikes with an integrated navigation system. After successfully launching their Kickstarter campaign, as orders came in from all around the world, they quickly needed to task a specialist for global fulfillment services. That’s when we entered the playground.


Shipping from our hubs in San Francisco, Toronto and Munich, we also handled the shipping directly from the manufacturer for the Asian and Australian market. However, shipping the bikes was easier said than done, as we had to pay special attention at how we handle the huge and bulky packages to transport them as cost-efficiently as possible.


In addition to picking, packing and shipping, we also took care of the VAT collection at customer base by setting up a payment website and sending out emails to customers claiming the VAT. The customers also received tracking emails, so that they were able to follow the journey of their bikes as well as get the exact delivery dates.


Due to our bonded warehouse, products that have not been sold yet, can still remain on stock. A clear advantage for Vanhawks, who doesn’t need to pay any import taxes or duties for unsold products. Vanhawks also benefitted from our advanced RMA process to handle their warranty shipments. The next step in the business relationship is to support create a long-term logistics strategy for Vanhawks bikes.

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