Out there every logistics company may claim itself as the best solution, but how would you really pick the best logistics provider for YOU?

Sendwich Logistics has a global footprint and the experience since 1988 in world wide logistics. We have the expertise in the high tech and semiconductor market delivering to well known companies, working for huge customers through our mother company CCS-Express and we feel with this we are very much able to handle your e-commerce business as well. With sophisticated software solutions and our own trained staff we are able to provide the service you need. We are not another newcomer, we are the old player in the market, understanding what it takes to keep up with the newest business models.

Going through each scenario with our customers over the past 28 years we know every hickup and built solutions for each of it. We are not only handling your business, we are interested in what you company does and our goal is to make your company successful and growing with us.

Working with Sendwich Logistics doesn’t mean you are just working with a big company, we are still small enough to dedicate one contact person to you, who is interested in your product, company and success.


Get in contact with us, we would like to convince you that we are not just the best solution, but the best solution for YOU!

Call us at +49 811 5500 144 or Email us at ilove@sendwich-logistics.com

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